Robert Nitschel

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Cell-free protein synthesis, which mimics the biological protein production system, allows rapid expression of proteins without the need to maintain a viable cell. Nevertheless, cell-free protein expression relies on active in vivo translation machinery including ribosomes and translation factors. Here, we examined the integrity of the protein synthesis(More)
Cell-free protein synthesis is a versatile protein production system. Performance of the protein synthesis depends on highly active cytoplasmic extracts. Extracts from E. coli are believed to work best; they are routinely obtained from exponential growing cells, aiming to capture the most active translation system. Here, we report an active cell-free(More)
The productivity of industrial fermentation processes is essentially limited by the biomass specific substrate consumption rate (qS) of the applied microbial production system. Since qS depends on the growth rate (μ), we highlight the potential of the fastest growing non-pathogenic bacterium, Vibrio natriegens, as novel candidate for future biotechnological(More)
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