Robert Niles

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It has been hypothesized that aspirin and other nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs can decrease the risk of developing prostate and other cancers, although observational studies have not been very conclusive. The current study examined the effects of regular aspirin use on prostate cancer risk in 1,029 patients with primary, incident cancer of the(More)
AimThe goal of this case report is to describe the dermatologic and conjunctival findings in a case of bilateral diffuse uveal melanocytic proliferation (BDUMP), a paraneoplastic syndrome usually associated with gynecologic cancers. There is little information about other dermatologic melanocytic findings in these patients.MethodsHistologic and fluorescent(More)
A rat liver epithelial cell line (K16) and a 2-[N-(acetoxyacetyl)amino]fluorine-transformed K16 cell line (W8) [Weinstein, I.B., Yamaguchi, R., Gerbert, R., & Kaighn, M.E. (1975) In Vitro 11, 130-141] synthesize and secrete similar quantities of collagenous proteins. The transformed cells produce more total protein so that the percent collagen produced is(More)
The satisfactory management of pain associated with neoplastic disease is one of the most difficult problems encountered by the clinician. Adequate knowledge of the pathophysiology of pain, the cause and presentation of different pain types, and the mechanisms of action of medications is necessary for sound clinical decisions. Effective pain management has(More)
Studies on the regulation of differentiation in airway epithelial cells have been hampered by the lack of cell culture systems that differentiate in vitro. One such system that does exhibit differentiation is hamster tracheal epithelial cells (HTE). A major problem with this system, however, is that at the time cells differentiate, they lyze the collagen(More)
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