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OBJECTIVES To determine the reported incidence of acute endophthalmitis following cataract extraction over time and to explore possible contributing factors, such as type of cataract incision. METHODS A systematic review of English-language articles was conducted by performing a broad search of PubMed from 1963 through March 2003 using such terms as(More)
We have determined the concentrations of carbonyl sulfide (OCS), dimethylsulfide, and carbon disulfide (CS(2)) in the breath of a group of cystic fibrosis (CF) patients and one of healthy controls. At the detection sensitivity in these experiments, room air always contained measurable quantities of these three gases. For each subject the inhaled room(More)
Recent studies demonstrate an unexpected reduction in circulating levels of IGF-I after 5 wk of endurance-type exercise training in adolescent boys and girls and prepubertal girls. We hypothesized that the reduction in IGF-I would be accompanied by a training-associated stimulation of proinflammatory cytokines IL-1beta, IL-6, or tumor necrosis factor-alpha(More)
BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES Radiation dermatitis occurs in a majority of patients with breast cancer who receive radiation therapy (RT), causes significant pain, and may necessitate treatment delay. Light emitting diode (LED) photomodulation has been reported to minimize radiation dermatitis. This study sought to further evaluate the efficacy of LED(More)
OBJECTIVES The goal of this study was to identify histomorphologic characteristics of atherosclerotic plaques and to determine the amenability of some of these components to be used as markers for invasive and noninvasive imaging. BACKGROUND Rupture of the atherosclerotic plaques is responsible for the majority of acute coronary events, and the culprit(More)
BACKGROUND Many volatile organic compounds are present in exhaled breath and may represent by-products of endogenous biological processes. Ethanol is produced via alcoholic fermentation of glucose by gut bacteria and yeast, while acetone derives from oxidations of free fatty acids, influenced by glucose metabolism. We hypothesized that the integrated(More)
Chromatin immunoprecipitation was employed to determine whether or not the previously reported depletion of histone H1 on actively transcribed sequences was selective with respect to H1 subtypes. DNA of immunofractionated chromatin was analyzed by slot-blots for repetitive sequences and PCR for single and low-copy sequences. Based on the analysis of a(More)
For nearly twenty years researchers have observed changes in the histone H1 subtype content of tissues as an organism develops into an adult. To better understand the consequences of such changes, immunofractionation of chromatin using previously characterized antibodies specific for human H1 subtypes was employed in the analysis of a fibroblast cell strain(More)
Predictions from a structured cortical model led us to test the hypothesis that music training enhances young children's spatial-temporal reasoning. Seventy-eight preschool children participated in this study. Thirty-four children received private piano keyboard lessons, 20 children received private computer lessons, and 24 children provided other controls.(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine the incidence of acute endophthalmitis following penetrating keratoplasty (PK) over time. METHODS A systematic review of English-language articles was conducted by performing a broad search of the PubMed database from 1963 through March 2003 using such keywords as penetrating keratoplasty, endophthalmitis, and postoperative(More)