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BACKGROUND Atrial fibrillation (AF) has been associated with myocardial oxidative stress, and antioxidant agents have demonstrated antiarrhythmic benefit in humans. We compared serum markers of oxidation and associated inflammation in individuals with or without AF. METHODS Serum markers of oxidative stress and inflammation were compared in a(More)
Water-deprived rats were given hourly opportunities to ingest physiological saline and water for a number of days until they were taking substantial amounts of both solutions. Prior to some opportunities to ingest, they were injected with either morphine (2.0 mg/kg) or a placebo. Across a variety of procedures, morphine increased intake of and, in 1-hr(More)
The stereoscopic conversions of Disney's <i>The Lion King</i> and <i>Beauty and the Beast</i> required development of novel techniques to art direct, edit, and visualize 3D depth. Producing stereo without geometric models meant the creation of an extensive toolset to create and validate plausible depth for each pixel on screen.
We present a new stereoscopic compositing technique that combines volumetric output from several stereo camera rigs. Unlike previous multi-rigging techniques, our approach does not require objects rendered with different stereo parameters to be clearly separable to prevent visual discontinuities. We accomplished that by casting not straight rays (aligned(More)
  • THEME PARK, AS SACRALIZED, +14 authors Kevin Vaccarella
  • 2003
The Office of Graduate Studies has verified and approved the above named committee members. iii For my family. .. Molly and Kylie – seeing the world through your eyes keeps me young and Jamie – taking this journey together makes each day new. iv ACKNOWLEDGMENTS Many thanks and great appreciation to my committee chair, Dr. John Kelsay, who encouraged this(More)
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