Robert Neßelrath

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This paper introduces a multimodal dialogue system, which facilitates access to the digital home for people who suffer from cognitive disabilities. The user interface is implemented on a smartphone and allows interaction via speech and pointing gestures. A consistent control concept and a meaningful graphical design allow an intuitive handling of the(More)
We present two user interfaces: one multimodal dialogue system and one task-based calendar which assist people with mild cognitive disabilities affecting their concentration and memory. A new middleware based upon a new open industrial standard—ISO/IEC 24752 Universal Remote Console (URC)—allows access to any network services or appliances as well as(More)
Abstract. We implemented a generic dialogue shell that can be configured for and applied to domain-specific dialogue applications. A toolbox for ontology-based dialogue engineering provides a technical solution for the two challenges of engineering ontological domain extensions and debugging functional modules. We support a rapid implementation cycle until(More)
This paper introduces a system for gesture based interaction with smart environments. The framework we present connects gesture recognition results with control commands for appliances in a smart home that are accessed through a middleware based on the ISO 24752 standard URC (Universal Remote Console). Gesture recognition is realized by applying three(More)
This paper describes the design and the design process of orthographic feedback in a computer-assisted vocabulary learning (CAVL) application that is targeted at blind language learners. It discusses current research findings of vocabulary and spelling acquisition, as well as special needs of blind computer users. CAVL applications often assume the user’s(More)
This paper presents a new approach to make current and future television universally accessible. The proposed approach provides a means of universal accessibility both for remotely operating the TV set and for interacting with online services delivered through the TV. This proposal is based on the ISO/IEC 24752 “Universal Remote Console” (URC) standard.(More)