Robert Ndjouenkeu

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BACKGROUND Many African mothers use gruels made of maize and sorghum as complementary foods for their infants because they cannot afford the cost of nutritionally superior commercial weaning foods. OBJECTIVE To improve the nutritional quality of traditional sorghum gruels used as complementary foods for children between six months and five years in the(More)
Extraction conditions for maximum values of protein yield, protein content, sugar content and dry matter of vegetable milk extracts from dehulled Mucuna cochinchinensis bean flour and whole Mucuna cochinchinensis bean flour were investigated using response surface methodology. A Central Composite Design (CCFD) with three factors: temperature (25 to 95 °C);(More)
This study investigated the emulsifying properties of okra (Hibiscus esculentus), dika nut (Irvingia gabonensis) and khan (Belschmiedia sp.), three African food hydrocolloids used to thicken and flavor soups. Results showed that khan has an emulsion potential approximately 20 and 100 times higher than the second and the first, respectively. A kinetic study(More)
Interactions occurring between Saccharomyces cerevisiae and two thermostable α-amylase producing strains (Bacillus amyloliquefaciens 04BBA15 and Lactobacillus fermentum 04BBA19) were analyzed by comparing their growth patterns obtained in isolation with those obtained in mixture. The difference between the patterns was assessed using analysis of variance(More)
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