Robert Najafee

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A time-sampling method that allows up to eight rats to be tested simultaneously in the formalin test is described and compared to the continuous rating method. Time sampling the behavioural response to formalin every 1 or 2 min produces scores that are essentially identical to continuous rating for both the formalin concentration effect relationship and the(More)
The Nogo gene was putatively implicated in schizophrenia based on gene expression and genetic association data. In this study, we attempt to replicate the possible association of the CAA insertion and a nearby TATC deletion with schizophrenia in 204 complete and incomplete triads and in a sample of 462 unrelated cases and 153 controls, all of Caucasian(More)
It is now well established that genetic factors play an important role in the pathogenesis of autism disorder and converging lines of evidence suggest the implication of the X chromosome. Using a sample of subjects diagnosed with autism spectrum disorders, exclusively composed of males from French-Canadian (FC) origin, we tested markers covering the entire(More)
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