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An adaptive information retrieval system on the connection machine." Abstract This paper reports the state of development of PThomas, a network based document retrieval system implemented on a massively parallel fine-grained computer, the Connection Machine. The program is written in C*, an enhancement of the C programming language which exploits the(More)
This paper is an exploratory study of one approach to incorporating situational information into information retrieval systems, drawing on principles and methods of discourse linguistics. A tenet of discourse linguistics is that texts of a specific type possess a structure above the syntactic level, which follows conventions known to the people using such(More)
A laboratory is a sheltered place where one constrains the enthusiastic abandon of the real world in order to attempt to lay the blame for one apparently capricious phenomenon upon another. The extraordinary difficulties experienced in all areas of science when designing experiments testify to the complexity of the interactions between natural phenomena.(More)
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