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The question of the relationship of streptococci to the etiology of infectious arthritis and of rheumatic fever is of the utmost importance. If a streptococcus or group of streptococci could be shown to be associated See PDF for Structure with either disease, some form of specific treatment might be available. The possibility of primary streptococcic(More)
1. In the growth and death of the pneumococcus in fluid media containing 1 per cent glucose the production of acid is the most important bactericidal factor. 2. 1 per cent glucose bouillon cultures of the pneumococcus allowed to grow and die out usually reach a final acidity of a pH of about 5.1. 3. At a hydrogen ion concentration of about 5.1 or higher,(More)
The purulent sputum obtained during life and the exudate at autopsy from the later stages of lobar pneumonia commonly erode the surface of Löoffler's blood serum. Cellular material obtained from the pneumonic lung in an early stage of lobar pneumonia failed to erode the surface until washed with normal saline solution. Mixtures of washed pneumonic cellular(More)
1. Blood cultures from 25 cases of acute rheumatic fever were negative for non-hemolytic streptococci of both the alpha and gamma types. 2. Non-hemolytic (gamma type) streptococci were frequently recovered from the throats of patients with this disease. 3. Similar organisms were recovered just as frequently from the throats of normal individuals. 4.(More)