Robert N. Leamnson

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Envelope glycoprotein of avian tumor virus is linked by disulfide bonds in a structure that we have designated VGP to stand for viral glycoprotein. VGP appears to contain one molecule of gp85 and one of gp37. Under nonreducing conditions, VGP is the only glycoprotein component that is stable in the presence of ionic detergent, although in the presence of(More)
A method for obtaining large quantities of defective interfering (DI) rabies virus particles that fulfill all the criteria delineated by Huang and Baltimore (1970) is described. The purified rabies DI virion was found to be much shorter (60 to 80 nm) than the complete virion (180 nm) and to have a viral genome of about half the size of normal rabies RNA but(More)
We have been characterizing molecular clones of two subgroup E avian retroviruses (NTRE-2 and NY203RAV-60) that produce different proliferative diseases after inoculation into susceptable K28 chickens. Both viruses arose by recombination between exogenous and endogenous viral genomes. To further characterize regions of these viruses that are important for(More)
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