Robert N. Dean

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We survey the recent methods for improving position control of electrostatic microelectromechanical (MEMS) actuators, and present recent new nonlinear approaches being studied in our electronic packaging and control systems laboratories. The new methods include a type of variable structure control (switching, but not sliding mode) and two methods for(More)
The use of reverse time chaos allows the realization of hardware chaotic systems that can operate at speeds equivalent to existing state of the art while requiring significantly less complex circuitry. Matched filter decoding is possible for the reverse time system since it exhibits a closed form solution formed partially by a linear basis pulse.(More)
Teaches graduate and undergraduate courses in electronics, photovoltaics, MEMS and sensors. Conducts research in electronics, MEMS and advanced packaging. Recent projects include: wireless control systems for appliances, interdigitated sensors, MEMS sensors, electronic systems for/in harsh environments, power supply development using wide bandgap(More)
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