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Crisis-affected populations are often able to maintain digital communications but in a sudden-onset crisis any aid organizations will have the least free resources to process such communications. Information that aid agencies can actually act on, 'actionable' information , will be sparse so there is great potential to (semi)automatically identify actionable(More)
In the wake of the January 12 earthquake in Haiti it quickly became clear that the existing emergency response services had failed but text messages were still getting through. A number of people quickly came together to establish a text-message based emergency reporting system. There was one hurdle: the majority of the messages were in Haitian Kreyol,(More)
This paper investigates three dimensions of cross-domain analysis for humanitarian information processing: citizen reporting vs organizational reporting; Twitter vs SMS; and English vs non-English communications. Short messages sent during the response to the recent earthquake in Haiti and floods in Pakistan are analyzed. It is clear that SMS and Twitter(More)
We present a compendium of recent and current projects that utilize crowdsourcing technologies for language studies, finding that the quality is comparable to controlled laboratory experiments, and in some cases superior. While crowdsourcing has primarily been used for annotation in recent language studies, the results here demonstrate that far richer data(More)
This paper describes the need for mining complex relationships in spatial data. Complex relationships are defined as those involving two or more of: multi-feature co-location, self-co-location, one-to-many relationships, self-exclusion and multi-feature exclusion. We demonstrate that even in the mining of simple relationships, knowledge of complex(More)
In this paper, we propose that MT is an important technology in crisis events, something that can and should be an integral part of a rapid-response infrastructure. By integrating MT services directly into a messaging infrastructure (whatever the type of messages being serviced, e.g., text messages, Twitter feeds, blog postings, etc.), MT can be used to(More)