Robert Muelhaupt

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" Equalizing opportunities " and " leveling playing fields " , policy objectives aiming to make outcomes independent of circumstance, underly the interest in generational mobility. However there is little empirical evidence that such policies have ever been effective in terms of that aim. Here it is shown that, absent any other policy objective , pure equal(More)
Generational mobility policies which follow a Pure Equal Opportunity (EO) social justice imperative seek to reduce the connection between parent and child outcomes. Here it is demonstrated that, in the face of limited ability to raise average offspring ability, singular pursuit of this imperative inevitably involves breaking the connections between high(More)
Four new protein-binding platinum(II) complexes, 10, 11, 21, 22, in which the dichloroplatinum moiety is coordinated either to a carbon-substituted or a nitrogen-substituted ethylene diamino ligand, were prepared in ten-step syntheses. According to pH-dependent stability studies with strictly related compounds, 11 and 22 exhibit acid-sensitive properties.
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