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The contribution of public health officers is of crucial importance in both the preparedness planning process and the response to health threats since the implementation of public health measures lies within the competence of the public health system. Thus, public health officers on regional and district level have to be involved in every stage of the(More)
The net synthesis of ATP in dark anaerobic cells of Anacystis nidulans subjected to acid jumps and/or valinomycin pulses was characterized thermodynamically and kinetically. Maximum initial rates of 75 nmol ATP/min per mg dry weight at an applied proton motive force of -350 mV were obtained, the flow-force relationship (rate of ATP synthesis vs applied(More)
The oxidation of reduced horse heart cytochromec by membranes isolated from the cyanobacteriumAnacystis nidulans after growth at different temperatures was studied between 4°C and 41°C in the light and the dark using both spectrophotometric and polarographic techniques. Arrhenius plots of the temperature dependence of cytochromec photooxidation showed a(More)
The ejection of protons from oxygen-pulsed cells and the gradients of Na+ concentration (Na+o/Na+i at 150 mM external NaCl) and proton electrochemical potential (delta mu H+) across the plasma membrane of Anacystis nidulans were studied in response to dark endogenous energy supply. Saturating concentrations of the F0F1-ATPase inhibitors(More)
The cytochrome content of membranes isolated from seven species of cyanobacteria was investigated in terms of conventional difference spectra, carbon monoxide difference spectra, photoaction spectra and photodissociation spectra, and by extraction of acid-labile heme followed by spectral identification. In addition, the effect of various inhibitors and(More)
Addition of valinomycin to dark anaerobic suspensions ofAnacystis nidulans resulted in a transient hyperpolarization of the electrical potential across the cell membrane (ΔΨ CM) and seen from anilinonaphthalenesulfonate (ANS) fluorescence quenching and from distribution ratios of3H-tetraphenylphosphonium (TPP+) and14C-thiocyanate (SCN−). At the same time a(More)
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