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In response to the 26 December 2004 tsunami, a survey team of scientists was dispatched to Sri Lanka. Measurements made by the team show that the tsunami elevation and runup ranged from 5 to 12 meters. Eyewitnesses report that up to three separate waves attacked the coast, with the second or third generally the largest. Our conclusion stresses the(More)
Skeletal muscle mass is regulated by a balance between muscle protein synthesis (MPS) and muscle protein breakdown (MPB). In healthy humans, MPS is more sensitive (varying 4-5 times more than MPB) to changes in protein feeding and loading rendering it the primary locus determining gains in muscle mass. Performing resistance exercise (RE) followed by the(More)
Tableau is a commercial business intelligence (BI) software tool that supports interactive, visual analysis of data. Armed with a visual interface to data and a focus on usability, Tableau enables a wide audience of end-users to gain insight into their datasets. The user experience is a fluid process of interaction in which exploring and visualizing data(More)
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Electrolytic Manganese Dioxide (EMD) material was analyzed by Rietveld refinement of x-ray diffraction patterns to answer the question, " Is EMD composed of gamma-or epsilon-MnO 2 ? " An electron diffraction study of EMD using a 20 nanometer spot size electron beam reported observing only the ε-MnO 2 structure and no γ-MnO 2 structure. However, a(More)
– Modern architectures provide mechanisms to allow a process to manipulate a portion of its memory as a stack through special registers and instructions. If the portion of memory that represents the stack were kept in a cache hierarchy separate from the traditional data cache, the so-called " stack cache " could be tuned to the specialized behavior of stack(More)
We reported, using a unilateral resistance training (RT) model, that training with high or low loads (mass per repetition) resulted in similar muscle hypertrophy and strength improvements in RT-naïve subjects. Here we aimed to determine whether the same was true in men with previous RT experience using a whole-body RT program and whether postexercise(More)
  • R W Morton, D E Simon, J F Geibe, J J Gislason, R L Heald
  • 2003
Rietveld modeling has become a widely used tool in the x-ray diffraction laboratory. Some of the most difficult systems to model are polymeric materials because they can be composed of amorphous, low crystalline and crystalline phases. In addition, engineering plastics like polyphenylene sulfide (PPS) are routinely tilled with amorphous and crystalline(More)
Sensitivity of calcium-selective electrodes heretofore has been limited to calcium concentrations above 10(-8) M in the absence of competing ions. We describe the use of calcium buffers to stabilize the free calcium in the reference electrode. Electrode calibration is linear to 10(-8) M and is curvilinear to 10(-11) M in the presence of 0.1 M ionic(More)
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