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Resveratrol, (3,5,4'-trihydoxystilbene) a compound found in grapes, mulberries, and peanuts, has antimycotic, antiviral, and beneficial cardiovascular and cancer preventive activities. It is being developed for several clinical indications. To evaluate the potential toxicity of resveratrol, rats were administered by gavage 0, 300, 1000, and 3000 mg(More)
Triethylenetetramine dihydrochloride (trien-2HCl; CAS No. 38260-01-04), a chelating agent used to treat Wilson's disease patients who are intolerant of the drug of choice, was tested for subchronic toxicity in B6C3F1 mice and F344 rats. Mice and rats received trien-2HCl in the drinking water at concentrations of 0, 120, 600, or 3000 ppm for up to 92 days.(More)
This article describes the use of latent Dirichlet allocation (LDA), or topic modeling, to explore the discursive makeup of the eighteenth century Encyclopédie of Denis Diderot and Jean le Rond d'Alembert (1751–1772). Expanding upon previous work modeling the Encyclopédie's ontology, or classification scheme, we examine the abstractions used by its editors(More)
  • Leonardo R Carmona Vasquez, Carmona Vasquez, Leonardo R, Brandon Taravella, J Martin, Guillot +4 others
  • 2013
ii Acknowledgements I would like to thank Dr. Lothar Birk, who in addition to act as my advisor for this thesis work, gave me the opportunity to work for him as a Research Assistant. Thanks to the support given to me by Dr. Birk, and the School of Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering at the University of New Orleans, I was able to complete my graduate(More)
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