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Studies of entrepreneurial orientation tend to examine its three most common features only (risk-taking, innovativeness, and proactiveness), merging these into a gestalt construct of entrepreneurial orientation and then analyzing its effect on business performance. This is in contrast to Lumpkin and Dess who stressed an entrepreneurial orientation is best(More)
Supporting agile teams from afar as they plan projects is a challenge. In this paper, we present a planning tool, MasePlanner, which supports agile teams as they collaborate in a distributed environment during their planning meetings. Combined with an audio link, our tool supports natural interaction similar to those found in collocated agile planning(More)
Computer-supported environments for agile project planning are often limited by the capability of the hardware to support collaborative work. We present DAP, a tool developed to aid distributed and collocated teams in agile planning meetings. Designed with a multi-client architecture, it works on standard desktop computers and digital tables. Using digital(More)
A criticism leveled at the marketing strategy literature relates to the dearth of conceptual, theoretical, and empirical studies focusing on the antecedents of effective marketing strategy implementation (Chebat, 1999). Moreover, even less is understood concerning the interplay between such implementation scenarios and market-based performance,(More)
An 820-Watt clamshell module was fabricated and tested in order to assess the feasibility of cooling future high heat flux avionic hardware via subcooled phase change. One half of the module was constructed from aluminum 7075-T6 and populated with 16 heat sources simulating microelectronic chips. The other half was substituted with a transparent plastic(More)
A recent resurgence in the use of compounds to study essential biological processes raises important questions concerning the link between fundamental research and drug development. This article discusses many of the issues involved, in the context of host cell invasion and egress by parasites of the Phylum Apicomplexa. In addition, an overview of the key(More)
Over the last three decades a significant volume of academic interest has been evident in the market orientation construct. The proposition established from much of this research is that where a significant degree of market orientation is displayed by a firm, then an improved pay-off in business performance terms, other things being equal, is likely to(More)
Providing support for distributed agile teams as they conduct planning meetings is tricky. In distributed settings, the use of paper index cards for planning isn't convenient, as some of the team members do not have access to the physical cards. We present the results of an observational study where a distributed card based planning tool was evaluated(More)
It has been suggested that there is a lack of consensus regarding the conceptual domain of cross-national studies. That said, the theoretical focus of such scholarly activities has tended to reflect the multidisciplinary nature of the field. By far the most significant contributions to knowledge in the area can be sourced to the international economics,(More)
This article offers an overview of research on the 'value' that businesses and industrial marketers analyze, create, and deliver. First, value literature (up to and around 2005 and post 2005) is discussed. This review highlights the changes in our notions of value and helps to identify seven areas for consideration that should drive future research: value(More)