Robert Morelos-Zaragoza

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In this paper, theoretical upper bounds and computer simulation results on the error performance of multilevel block coded modulations for unequal error protection (UEP) and multistage decoding are presented. The paper is divided into two parts. In part I, symmetric constellations are considered while in the sequel, asymmetric constellations are analyzed.(More)
We investigate the use of Gallager's low-density parity-check (LDPC) codes in a degraded broadcast channel, one of the fundamental models in network information theory. Combining linear codes is a standard technique in practical network communication schemes and is known to provide better performance than simple time sharing methods when algebraic codes are(More)
Proposition 6: Let m 2 p and j arbitrary. If all weights in c are divisible by 2p, then the degree of the set C,E3(zm) A, does not exceed 2m-2p. Pro03 If the set C1EJ(2m) A, is empty, the proposition is trivial. If A, is nonempty, then j must be divisible by 2p. Hence, the set '&(2m) S, of degree 2"-1 is contained in the set C110(2p) Sa of degree 2p-1. By(More)
Finally, for BCH codes we get Theorem 3: Let t = o (n a) and 1 = [ (i + 1)/2], then in the BCH code of length rt = 2 " '-1 and with minimum distance 2t + 1 Abstract-We present a class of binary primitive BCH codes that have unequal-error-protection (UEP) capabilities. We use a recent result on the span of their minimum weight vectors to show that binary(More)
ilktract-In this paper, a new software defined radio plat-forim with multiport-based direct conversion is proposed, named SOPRANO (Software Programmable and Hardware Eeconfigurable Architecture for Eetwgrk). The main features of SOPRANO are a high-level design methodology for digital circuits, a new mixer-less direct conversion method, and software(More)