Robert Mitchum

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Since metabolic activity is accompanied by heat release, measurement of brain temperatures offers a method for assessing behavior-associated changes in neural activity. To explore this possibility, we monitored local brain (nucleus accumbens, medial-preoptic hypothalamus, and hippocampus) and body (temporal muscle) temperature in an experienced male rat(More)
Tobacco use is a major public health problem, and although many smokers report that they want to quit, only a small percentage succeed. Side effects associated with nicotine withdrawal, including depression, anxiety, and restlessness, certainly contribute to the low success rate. The dorsal raphe nucleus (DRN) is a serotonergic center with many functions,(More)
Since the metabolic activity of neural cells is accompanied by heat release, brain temperature monitoring provides insight into behavior-associated changes in neural activity. In the present study, local temperatures were continuously recorded in several brain structures (nucleus accumbens, medial-preoptic hypothalamus and hippocampus) and a non-locomotor(More)
The overall body size of vertebrates is primarily determined by longitudinal bone growth at the growth plate. With age, the growth plate undergoes programmed senescence, causing longitudinal bone growth to slow and eventually cease. Indirect evidence suggests that growth plate senescence occurs because stem-like cells in the growth plate resting zone have a(More)
Each year, tobacco use causes over 4 million deaths worldwide and billions of dollars are spent on treatment for tobacco-related illness. Bupropion, an atypical antidepressant, improves the rates of successful smoking cessation, however, the mechanisms by which bupropion reduces cigarette smoking and depression are unknown. Here we show that clinical(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM Telomeres are hexameric repeat sequences that flank eukaryotic chromosomes. The telomere hypothesis of cellular aging proposes that replication of normal somatic cells leads to progressive telomere shortening which induces replicative senescence. Previous studies suggest that growth plate chondrocytes have a finite proliferative capacity(More)
In animals and humans, vulnerability to drug abuse varies among individuals. Animals that display high activity levels in a novel environment are more likely to self-administer psychostimulant drugs, including nicotine, cocaine, amphetamine, and morphine. Recent reports from behavioral studies indicate that nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) activity(More)
The past decade has seen the widespread release of open data concerning city services, conditions, and activities by government bodies and public institutions of all sizes. Hundreds of open data portals now host thousands of datasets of many different types. These new data sources represent enormous potential for improved understanding of urban dynamics and(More)
New updated! The laboratory decontamination and destruction of carcinogens in laboratory wastes some aromatic amines and 4 nitrobiphenyl iarc scientific publications no 64 from the best author and publisher is now available here. This is the book that will make your day reading becomes completed. When you are looking for the printed book of this PDF in the(More)
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