Robert McFarlane

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Gene transfer has potential as a once-only treatment that reduces viral load, preserves the immune system and avoids lifetime highly active antiretroviral therapy. This study, which is to our knowledge the first randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled, phase 2 cell-delivered gene transfer clinical trial, was conducted in 74 HIV-1-infected adults who(More)
BACKGROUND Structured treatment interruptions (STIs) have been postulated to improve virologic control in primary HIV infection (PHI) by stimulating HIV-specific T-lymphocyte immunity. The addition of hydroxyurea (HU) may reduce viral production from activated CD4 cells. METHODS Patients with PHI received a standardized antiretroviral (ARV) regimen(More)
An 8-yr-old captive, female common wombat (Vombatus ursinus) from Victoria, Australia was euthanased after an illness of 36 days manifested by lethargy, inappetance and terminal coma with respiratory failure. Toxoplasmosis was diagnosed during life by the Toxoplasma direct agglutination test (DAT) which showed a positive initial titre of 1:1,024 at 22 days(More)
The enzyme telomerase plays a crucial role in cellular proliferation and tumorigenesis. Telomerase is an RNA-directed DNA polymerase composed minimally of an RNA subunit (TR) and a catalytic protein component (TERT). The protein component acts as a reverse transcriptase (RT) and catalyses the addition of telomeric repeats onto the ends of chromosomes using(More)
1. Australian Aborigines have high rates of both cardiovascular mortality and renal failure and the usual male dominance in these conditions is respectively reduced and effaced. 2. In one Aboriginal community, we have demonstrated a strong association between albuminuria and cardiovascular risk factors and a relationship of both with insulin resistance,(More)
Ronald T Mitsuyasu1, Thomas C Merigan2, Andrew Carr3, Jerome A Zack4, Mark A Winters2, Cassy Workman5, Mark Bloch6, Jacob Lalezari7, Stephen Becker8, Lorna Thornton8, Bisher Akil9, Homayoon Khanlou10, Robert Finlayson11, Robert McFarlane12, Don E Smith13, Roger Garsia14, David Ma3, Matthew Law15, John M. Murray15,16, Christof von Kalle17,18, Julie A Ely19,(More)
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