Robert Markiewicz

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In the first part of this paper an audio watermarking system, operating in log-spectrum domain, is presented. Special measures are taken to make this system robust to symbol time offset. In the second part algorithms for sampling frequency offset and symbol time offset estimation and correction are proposed. These algorithms are based on inaudible pilot(More)
This work presents audio watermarking algorithms robust to D/A and A/D conversion, scaling and quantization noise. The watermark is embedded in log-spectrum domain using a differential scheme and a quaternary bi-orthogonal code. An informed embedding algorithm is proposed, minimizing bit error rate while keeping distortion level below the masking threshold.(More)
An audio watermarking system, operating in logspectrum domain, using M-ary transmission codes based on Walsh functions, is presented. Plain and dirty paper coding schemes are compared. Encouraging results are obtained by using the quaternary dirty paper code and LDPC. The proposed audio watermarking algorithm is robust against MPEG-Audio compression at 96(More)
—In this paper an audio watermarking technique is presented, using log-spectrum, dirty paper codes and LDPC for watermark embedding. This technique may be used as a digital communication channel, transmitting data at about 40 b/s. It may be also applied for hiding a digital signature, e.g., for copyright protection purposes. Robustness of the watermarks(More)
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