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Although sustainable forest management (SFM) has been widely adopted as a policy and management goal, high rates of forest loss and degradation are still occurring in many areas. Human activities such as logging, livestock husbandry, crop cultivation, infrastructural development, and use of fire are causing widespread loss of biodiversity, restricting(More)
pportunities for ecological restoration and rehabilitation of degraded ecosystems in the Americas are likely to multiply in the coming decades. Ecological restoration experiments will become increasingly valuable and necessary under several projected scenarios: abandon-ment of production systems associated with rural–urban migration and economic(More)
Combined electric and acoustic stimulation has proven to be an effective strategy to improve hearing in some cochlear implant users. We describe an acoustic microactuator to directly deliver stimuli to the perilymph in the scala tympani. The 800 µm by 800 µm actuator has a silicon diaphragm driven by a piezoelectric thin film (e.g., lead-zirconium-titanium(More)
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