Robert Mangold

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The ENZIAN-Score is presented as a new instrument to classify the deep infiltrating endometriosis. Especially the retroperitoneal part of the severe endometriosis is focussed on. In analogy to an oncological staging four different stages are pronounced. The localisation and the expansion of the endometriosis nodule was indicated to different subgroups. The(More)
OBJECTIVE To describe possible differences between male and female patients with fibromyalgia syndrome (FM) in their clinical manifestations. METHODS Five hundred thirty-six consecutive patients with FM (469 women, 67 men) seen in a university rheumatology clinic and 36 healthy men without significant pain seen in the same clinic were included in the(More)
A circumscribed natural outbreak of a highly fatal disease of deer, which we have designated epizootic hemorrhagic disease (EHD), has been studied. The disease has proven readily transmissible in deer but not in other experimental or domestic animals tested, nor in embryonating eggs or deer kidney cell cultures. The causative agent is a virus which is(More)
Schlüsselwörter: Prozeßreengineering – Prozeßautomatisierung – Workflow-basierte, klinische Anwen-dungssysteme – Prozeßorientierte Krankenhausinformationssysteme – Qualitätsmanagement Summary: For a variety of reasons, hospitals are developing a growing interest in changing their information systems to support patient processes in a more direct way. This(More)