Robert Manfredi

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OBJECTIVES To measure the prevalence rate of rape among French adolescents; to analyze the associated health and behavioral problems; to analyze the use of the health care system by rape victims. METHOD A national representative sample of 8,140 students attending public secondary schools in France (grades 8 to 12) filled in a self-administered(More)
Sexual assault on children and adolescents has become a common topic of study, but there has been little research into the specific characteristics of the population of male victims. A national survey representative of school-age adolescents in France enabled us to study 465 adolescents reporting sexual assault (121 boys, 344 girls; mean age 15.4, SD 2.5(More)
PURPOSE In the framework of an epidemiological survey on adolescent health, we investigated teenagers' psychotropic drug use to identify risk factors. METHODS A representative sample of school adolescents aged 12-20 years (N = 3287) was asked to fill out a self-administered questionnaire on their current health status (depressive mood, somatic complaints)(More)
The objective of this study was to compare the efficacy and safety of valproate and lithium in bipolar I patients experiencing a manic or a mixed episode. This international, randomized, open-label, parallel-group, equivalence study included 268 patients with bipolar I disorder. The starting dose of valproate was 20 mg/kg/day and that of lithium was 800(More)
The effects of moclobemide (300-600 mg/day), a reversible monoamine oxidase inhibitor - A (MAOI-A), were compared in a double-blind, multi-centre trial with those of clomipramine (100-200 mg/day) on 129 in-patients suffering from endogenous depression (according to ICD-9 and the Newcastle Scale). No significant differences in efficacy were seen between the(More)
An epidemiological study was carried out among 4,255 adolescents, aged 11-19 years, randomly selected from secondary schools in a northern urban area of France. The questionnaire concerned sexual activity, contraception, health status, licit and illicit drug consumption, and other risk-taking behavior. A total of 31% of the adolescents had had sexual(More)
The interaction of clomipramine and moclobemide with alcohol was compared in a double blind parallel groups study in 24 healthy volunteers. Moclobemide was given at the highest recommended therapeutic dose (200 mg t.i.d.) and clomipramine in a subtherapeutic dose (25 mg b.i.d.) because of its poor tolerance in healthy subjects. Psychometric evaluations were(More)
PURPOSE To compare sexual behavior in adolescents with a physical handicap or a chronic illness (HCI, n = 604) to a healthy group (HG, n = 7,332). METHODS Data drawn from a French national health survey carried out among 7,936 adolescents (mean age = 16.2 years) were used. A self-report questionnaire concerning health behavior, sexual behavior, and(More)
In order to supplement existing studies of deviant populations (alcoholics, drug addicts, jailed delinquents) and to bring to light the existence of early relationships between aggressiveness and alcohol consumption, an epidemiological survey was carried out among 1601 adolescents (aged 13-16) from a suburban area of Paris. Some types of the aggressive(More)
As part of an epidemiological study, adolescents aged 12-19 (n = 3287) filled out a self-administered questionnaire concerning their eating behaviours. The analysis showed that binge eaters (BE) had disorderly eating habits (skipping meals, snacking, eating sweets, unbalanced diets), concern with body shape (feeling too fat) and depressive symptoms more(More)