Robert Malmqvist

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In this paper, we present GaAs MMIC based reconfigurable RF MEMS impedance matching networks for highly integrated (potentially single-chip) frequency-agile LNAs and adaptive multi-band front-ends. Such GaAs MMIC based RF MEMS LNA matching networks have been realized with a frequency tuning range of 40% (10-16 GHz and 15-23 GHz, respectively) and 1-3 dB of(More)
Menstrual blood loss was measured before and during use of 2 types of copper IUDs--TCu 200 and Cu-7 200--in 82 women aged 19-45 years. Of the women who reported normal menstrual periods, 50 were fitted with the TCu 200 and 16 received a Cu-7 200 IUD. The remaining 16 women, who described their periods as profuse, were fitted with a TCu 200 device. Blood(More)
This paper presents an RF-MEMS SP4T switched LNA MMIC used in a 24 GHz beam-steering antenna module. The SP4T LNA has a measured gain of 10-16 dB at 16-30 GHz (NF=2.6-3.0 dB at 16-26 GHz) with up to 37 dB of isolation at 24 GHz when one of the four MEMS switches are closed while the other switches are open. To the authors' knowledge, this work represents a(More)
RF Micro-Electro-Mechanical-System switches (MEMS) have experienced a tremendous progress during the last decade in terms of technology development and RF-applications. Integrating RF-MEMS switches and MMIC (Monolithic Microwave Integrated Circuits) is considered the next logical and economical step in MMIC development. The project MEMS-4-MMIC aims at the(More)
This paper presents mm-wave capacitive RF-MEMS based Single-Pole-Double-Throw (SPDT) switches fabricated in a SiGe BiCMOS process technology. Three different SiGe RF-MEMS based SPDTs (targeting the 40-80 GHz range) present 3-4 dB of in-band losses and up to 20-25 dB of isolation, respectively. The measured in-band attenuation of the characterized SiGe MEMS(More)
This paper focuses on the design of an RF-MEMS Dicke switched wideband LNA realized in a GaAs MMIC process that also includes a BCB cap type of wafer-level package. The 0-level packaged GaAs MEMS LNA circuit shows 10-17 dB of gain at 16-34 GHz when switched on. The off-state LNA gain is below -6 dB at 5-40 GHz resulting in 20-25 dB of isolation (on and(More)
In this paper we present the main scope and initial results obtained within a pan-European research activity aiming at a successful monolithic integration of innovative RF MEMS switches into a standard GaAs MMIC process technology. Measured results of a fabricated ohmic contact type of RF MEMS switch developed by the OMMIC foundry show promising results(More)
We present two wideband reconfigurable LNA hybrid circuits realized using ohmic contact and capacitive RF-MEMS SPDT switch networks made on GaAs and quartz substrates, respectively. The wideband GaAs MEMS SPDT switch circuit used presents a loss of less than 1.0 dB and isolation higher than 15 dB from DC up to 34 GHz and the capacitive MEMS SPDT switch(More)