Robert Mallary

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Historically the techniques of sculpture have tended to reflect the technological character and level of the society in which the sculpture was made. If primitive man carved bone and the Greeks cast in bronze it should not be surprising that sculptors today are using plastics, lasers, strobes, electronic circuitry and transducers to link art with(More)
Surface mining, though an efficient method of extracting near-surface coal for the nation's mounting energy needs, requires sound reclamation if the harmful environmental impacts of the method are to be held to a tolerable minimum. Another important requirement is aesthetic quality, a feature which should, but as yet does not, involve professional planners(More)
I am one of the pioneers of computer art, having worked continuously in this now increasingly popular field of art and technology since 1967, the year I learned of the computer’s remarkable ability to generate and transform images. But my interest in the creative integration of science, technology, and art goes back to the early fifties, when my(More)
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