Robert Malick

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The effective management of leachables in pharmaceutical products is a critical aspect of their development. This can be facilitated if extractables information on the materials used in a packaging or delivery system is available to assist companies in selecting materials that will be compatible with the drug product formulation and suitable for the(More)
The use of aqueous micellar carrier streams in flow injection is shown to catalyse on-line reactions and thereby improve the sensitivity relative to non-micellar systems. The effect of several different micellar systems on the nitrosation reaction of N,N-diethylaniline in acidic solution was investigated. The mechanism of the micellar enhancement is(More)
Since flow injection (FI) is a dilution technique, efforts have been undertaken to minimize online dilution or dispersion. Solutes in supercritical fluids exhibit increased diffusion coefficients which have been shown to decrease dispersion of the sample zone. This work investigates the use of supercritical fluids (or CO(2) modified fluids) as carrier(More)
In order to achieve maximum sensitivity in flow-injection analysis, sample dispersion must be kept to a minimum. This dispersion process, however, is not well understood. Studies of the dispersion process have concentrated on dispersion within the flow manifold while dispersion due to the injection process has been largely ignored. Here sample injection(More)
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