Robert Magnusson

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Single-layer subwavelength periodic waveguide films with binary profiles are applied to design numerous passive guided-mode resonance elements. It is shown that the grating profile critically influences the spectral characteristics of such devices. In particular, the symmetry of the profile controls the resonance spectral density. Symmetric profiles(More)
Inclusions containing ubiquitin-protein aggregates appear in neurons of patients with neurodegenerative disorders such as Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease. The relationship between inclusion production and cell viability is not understood. To address this issue, we investigated the response of an established mouse neuronal cell line and of(More)
In this paper, we describe guided-mode resonance biochemical sensor technology. We briefly discuss sensor fabrication and show measured binding dynamics for example biomaterials in use in our laboratories. We then turn our attention to a particularly powerful attribute of this technology not possessed by competing methods. This attribute is the facile(More)
Widely tunable display pixels are reported. The pixel consists of a subwavelength silicon-nitride/air membrane containing complementary fixed and mobile gratings. By altering the device refractive index profile and symmetry, using MEMS actuation methods, wavelength tuning across ~100 nm per pixel in the visible spectral region is shown to be possible.(More)
A guided-mode resonance mirror (GMRM) consists of a waveguide grating integrated on an optical buffer layer on a high-reflection substrate. An incident free-space wave at the resonance wavelength is once coupled by the grating to a guided mode and coupled again by the same grating back to free space. The reflection characteristics of a GMRM are numerically(More)
The properties of guided-mode resonance reflection filters constructed with multiple thin-film layers are addressed. Greatly improved filter characteristics are shown to follow by the incorporation of multiple homogeneous layers with the spatially modulated layer. Calculated results for single-layer, double-layer, and triple-layer filter structures are(More)
A high-efficiency guided-mode resonance reflection filter is reported. The device consists of a surface-relief photoresist grating and an underlying HfO (2) waveguide layer deposited on a fused-silica substrate. The spectral response measured with a dye-laser beam at normal incidence exhibited a peak reflectance of 98% at a wavelength of 860 nm with(More)