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Systems Theory and Thinking as a Foundational Theory in Human Resource Development—A Myth or Reality?
This study reviews systems theory and thinking (ST&T) as a foundational discipline or theory in human resource development (HRD) research and practice. Using systematic evidence review (SER) of theExpand
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The Ecological System of Innovation: A New Architectural Framework for a Functional Evidence-Based Platform for Science and Innovation Policy
Models on innovation, for the most part, do not include a comprehensive and end-to-end view. Most innovation policy attention seems to be focused on the capacity to innovate and on input factors suchExpand
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Systems Mapping of Consumer Acceptance of Agrifood Nanotechnology
Application of nanotechnology in the agrifood system and the rising number of nanofood products on the market are creating concerns among consumers and other stakeholders. These concerns and otherExpand
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Skill needs and human resources development in the emerging field of nanotechnology
Strong societal requirements and consumer acceptance are the driving force of nanotechnology development. The necessity for qualified experts and strong demand on education in the multi‐, trans‐ andExpand
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Strategies for Social Media Use in Nonprofits
The aim of this paper is to detail the social media engagement efforts used by successful nonprofits and to build on these insights in developing recommendations for effective social media plans toExpand
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Agricultural Biotechnology, Poverty Reduction and Food Security in Ghana
In recent weeks one aspect of science that has echoed through the media is biotechnology. To the non-scientist it all looks very confusing. The misconception of biotechnology is a problem the wholeExpand
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Organizational change: themes and issues
Organizational change as a concept or field of practice is not new under any circumstances. A simple Google search with the phrase ‘organizational change’ generates about 6,330,000 results. It isExpand
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An epistemological framework for nanoscience and nanotechnology literacy
The need for a new literacy that will allow for meaningful participation in the rapidly evolving field of nanotechnology is very critical to national development. This need is important forExpand
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The Place of Technology Based Incubators in Ghana’s Economic Development
A persuasive argument can be made that economic development is the most important challenge facing the peoples of Africa and that Technology Based Incubators can play an important role in tacklingExpand
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Developing a Performance Measurement Framework to Enhance the Impact Orientation of the Food Research Institute, Ghana
This paper presents a summary of the findingsof a collaboration between the Food Research Institute (FRI), Council for Scientific and Industrial Research (CSIR) (Ghana) and Natural Resource Institute (UK) in building a Performance Management Approach to enhance organisational impact orientation. Expand
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