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Experiments on pain referred from deep somatic tissues.
The patterns of deep somatic pain referral were studied with paravertebral injections of 6 per cent. saline solution from the occiput to the sacrum, five subjects being used for each intervertebralExpand
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Recurrent urinary tract infection in women.
Name_________________________ Date of birth___________ Date of visit__________ Number of pregnancies________ Vaginal births_________ C-sections________ Menopause status (circle): PremenopauseExpand
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Transverse fractures of the sacrum. A report of six cases.
The diagnosis of transverse sacral fracture was made in six patients. All patients initially had evidence of urinary retention, a decrease in anal sphincter tone, or both. Diagnostic confirmation wasExpand
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Rotation of the forearm; an experimental study of pronation and supination.
Photographic, roentgenographic, cinefluorographic, and electromyographic studies of pronation and supination of the forearm reveal: 1. That under ordinary circumstances the ulna is abducted duringExpand
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Critical evaluation of direct vision urethrotomy by urine flow measurement.
Fifty-two male patients were studied prospectively to assess the results of direct vision urethrotomy in the treatment of urethral strictures. The prognosis was found to be significantly worse inExpand
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Prostatic abscess and carcinoma of the prostate.
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A cervical spinal cord injury following chiropractic manipulation
A case is presented of a permanent C4 tetraplegia following chiropractic manipulation of a patient with ankylosing spondylitis. The pertinent literature is reviewed.
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The long term results of transurethral division of the external urethral sphincter in the neuropathic urethra with reference to potency
This paper reviews the 900 patients admitted to the Regional Paraplegic Centre in Liverpool from 1956 to 1980. The operation of division of the external sphincter, first described by Cosbie Ross inExpand
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Transection of the bladder for adult enuresis and allied conditions.
Summary Seven patients with enuresis and diurnal urgency frequency and sometimes incontinence were treated by transection of the bladder. Two of the patients were completely cured of theirExpand
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