Robert M Winslow

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The enzyme heme oxygenase, which exists in inducible (HO-1) and constitutive (HO-2) isoforms, catalyzes the degradation of heme to biliverdin and CO in mammalian tissues. CO has been implicated in the control of vascular tone in a manner similar to that for NO. In the present study, we investigated the contribution of the heme oxygenase/CO pathway to the(More)
A blanket policy against publishing technical papers is as much a mistake as a policy of approving virtually all potential papers for publication. Companies adopting either extreme may be costing themselves money. Accordingly, management must evaluate the merits of each technical paper. Publishing a particular article may enhance a company's stature, but(More)
Hemoglobin is involved in the regulation of O(2) transport in two ways: a long-term adjustment in red cell mass is mediated by erythropoietin (EPO), a response to renal oxgyenation. Short-term, rapid-response adjustments are mediated by ventilation, cardiac output, hemoglobin oxygen affinity (P50), barriers to O(2) diffusion, and the control of local(More)
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