Robert M. Warren

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Our variant ascertainment algorithm, VAAL, uses massively parallel DNA sequence data to identify differences between bacterial genomes with high sensitivity and specificity. VAAL detected approximately 98% of differences (including large insertion-deletions) between pairs of strains from three species while calling no false positives. VAAL also pinpointed a(More)
Despite a number investigations using rapid sequencing and comparative genomic techniques, attempting to characterise the phenomenon of varying degrees of virulence within the Mycobacterium tuberculosis species, the underlying causes for this still remain largely unexplained. The Beijing lineage of M. tuberculosis has received much attention due to a(More)
Mycobacterium tuberculosis, the causative agent of most human tuberculosis, infects one third of the world's population and kills an estimated 1.7 million people a year. With the world-wide emergence of drug resistance, and the finding of more functional genetic diversity than previously expected, there is a renewed interest in understanding the forces(More)
The biotin analogue biotinylglycyltyrosine has been synthesized and labelled to a specific activity of 2000 Ci/mmol with 125I. This analogue has been used in conjunction with immobilized streptavidin in an assay which detects as little as 1 fmol biotin or biotinylated molecules in solution. The determination of biotinylated insulin in a tissue extract and(More)
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