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BACKGROUND AND METHODS Problems with the clinical management of prostate cancer include the lack of both specific detection and efficient therapeutic intervention. We report the encapsulation of superparamagnetic iron platinum nanoparticles (SIPPs) and paclitaxel in a mixture of polyethyleneglycolated, fluorescent, and biotin-functionalized phospholipids to(More)
Human factors research into spatial disorientation (SD) and loss of situation awareness (SA) in the fast jet military pilot has led to consideration of systems for monitoring pilot behaviour and psychophysiology and for detection of performance degradation and incapacitation. These could be the basis of real-time countermeasures, such as a " Safety Net "(More)
A new two-way multiple-input multiple-output (MIMO) channel sounding method for enabling a transmitter and a receiver both to have complete knowledge of the channel between them is presented. The key idea is that when the transmitter sends out its training signal, the receiver repeats, or ldquoechoes,rdquo its received signal back to that transmitter. From(More)
253 ABSTRACT The UK Ministry of Defence (MOD) in conjunction with the Defence Evaluation Research Agency (DERA) have established a program of applied research concerned with the development of cockpit adaptive automation and decision aiding for military fast-jet pilots. The operational requirement for this cognitive cockpit project arises from the(More)
BACKGROUND Selecting a measure for oncology distress screening can be challenging. The measure must be brief, but comprehensive, capturing patients' most distressing concerns. The measure must provide meaningful coverage of multiple domains, assess symptom and problem-related distress, and ideally be suited for both clinical and research purposes. METHODS(More)
1. SUMMARY This paper describes work undertaken to provide a proof-of-concept demonstration of the feasibility of an intelligent aiding system for the fast jet military pilot. The aim was to allow the pilot in control of the aircraft, or the operator in control of an uninhabited air vehicle (UAV) either in the air or on the ground, " to concentrate his(More)
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