Robert M. Steward

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HYPOTHESIS A selective surgical approach using either a 1- or a 2-stage resection is relatively safe and effective in the management of acute complicated colonic diverticulosis. DESIGN A consecutive cohort study. SETTING A university hospital. PATIENTS Eighty-nine consecutive patients who underwent emergency operations for diverticular disease between(More)
BACKGROUND Several recent military and civilian trauma studies demonstrate that improved outcomes are associated with early and increased use of plasma-based resuscitation strategies. However, outcomes associated with platelet transfusions are poorly characterized. We hypothesized that increased platelet:red blood cells (RBC) ratios would decrease(More)
Nuclear deterrence theory in its many forms arose as a theoretical architecture with the goal of preventing rather than winning a nuclear war. Although evidence exists that nuclear weapons do deter full out war between nuclear armed rivals, the extent of this deterrent capability is much less clear. This paper analyzes the uncertainty of nuclear deterrence(More)
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