Robert M. Saltzman

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Call center operational performance is measured largely through queue times and customer abandonment rates, and thus managers have an acute need to understand how both management policies and stochastic factors affect these performance statistics. Simulation is an excellent vehicle for examining these relationships, but a lack of programming ability can be(More)
This paper develops a flexible and tractable scheduling methodology that produces near-optimal call center agent schedules while taking into account the costs associated with customer waiting time, customer abandonment, and call center agents. Our methodology combines integer programming (to find a desirable staffing plan for a given total number of agents)(More)
Many courses require students to synthesize the knowledge they’ve gained from the course by completing a major term project. Computer simulation courses are well-suited to such a project since it is difficult to demonstrate model-building skills during an in-class exam. Students, however, tend to approach the idea of a major project with trepidation. This(More)
OBJECTIVE The objective of this project was to use an interdisciplinary approach to analyze strategies through simulation technology for improving patient flow in a pediatric hospital. BACKGROUND Various statistics have been offered on the number of children admitted annually to hospitals. For administrators, particularly in smaller systems, the financial(More)
In this paper, we explore the challenges and opportunities we face teaching computer simulation at a business school. While our students tend not to be as technically savvy as most engineering students, at times limiting the technical complexity of what we can cover in our courses, we are able to use simulation as a tool to analyze and discuss business(More)
This paper describes the modeling of a skill-based routing call center using two distinct simulation programming methods: the C language and the Arena software package. After reviewing the features of this type of call center, we describe the salient components of each method in modeling the call center. The paper concludes with a comparison of the pros and(More)