Robert M. Rubin

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In this postmortem, I find that the design, implementation, and maintenance of financial policies during the period from 1996 through 2006 were primary causes of the financial system’s demise. The evidence is inconsistent with the view that the collapse of the financial system was caused only by the popping of the housing bubble (“accident”) and the herding(More)
A honeycomb-like tubular array was observed in heavily myelinated axons. It was observed in the cerebellum of an apparently normal rat and a chimpanzee with “Kurulike” symptoms. It was also found in the cerebral cortex of a mouse that had had a intracerebral tumor implant. A common underlying etiology could not be found. It is suggested, however, that this(More)
The binding of Mdm2 to p53 is required for targeting p53 for degradation. p73, however, binds to Mdm2 but is refractory to Mdm2-mediated degradation, indicating that binding to Mdm2 is not sufficient for degradation. By utilizing the structural homology between p53 and p73, we generated p53-p73 chimeras to determine the sequence element unique to p53(More)
The molecular basis that the viral oncoproteins, including HPV16 E6 and E1B55k/E4 34k complex, differentially target p53 but not its homolog p73 for degradation remains elusive. Using a series of p53/p73 chimeras, we demonstrated that despite binding to the different regions of p53, both HPV16 E6 and E1B55k/E4 34k required a very same p53 sequence, amino(More)
We have investigated the factors which contribute to the host specificity of a tumor inducing plasmid of Agrobacterium, pTiAg162, which confers a narrow host range. Determinants both within the T-DNA and virulence regions contribute to host specificity. Within the T-DNA a defective cytokinin biosynthetic gene limits host range. Nucleotide sequence analysis(More)
Wastewater treatment systems and spray irrigation of treated water may spread microorganisms such as bacteria and viruses through dispersion of aerosol particles. A recent review (Brooks, Josephson, Gerba, & Pepper, 2004) identifies appropriate reports. Teltsch and co-authors report findings that suggest effective management controls involve providing(More)
BACKGROUND Previously, a biomarker panel was developed for use as an aid to major depressive disorder (MDD) diagnosis; it consisted of 9 biomarkers associated with the neurotrophic, metabolic, inflammatory, and hypothalamic-pituitary-adrenal axis pathways. This panel and associated algorithm produced good clinical sensitivity and specificity (92% and 81%,(More)