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We modeled yellow-billed loon (Gavia adamsii) habitat preferences in a 23,500 km2 area of northern Alaska using intensive aerial surveys and landscape-scale habitat descriptors. Of the 757 lakes censused, yellow-billed loons occupied 15% and Pacific loons (G. pacifica) 42%. Lake area, depth, proportion of shoreline in aquatic vegetation, shoreline(More)
We used data from aerial surveys (1992-2010) of >100,000 km(2) and ground surveys (1998-2004) of >150 km(2) to estimate the density and abundance of birds on the North Slope of Alaska (U.S.A.). In the ground surveys, we used double sampling to estimate detection ratios. We used the aerial survey data to compare densities of birds and Arctic fox (Vulpes(More)
In the bubble-jet printing process, it has been observed that the drop that ultimately pinches off from the ink jet sometimes moves sideways rather than straight relative to the symmetry axis of the liquid jet. Our group examined various mechanisms that might lead to the deflection of the ink drop. In particular, we focused on whether the liquid filament(More)
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