Robert M. Pasternack

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Parameters important to the self-assembly of 3-(aminopropyl)triethoxysilane (APTES) on chemically grown silicon oxide (SiO 2) to form an aminopropyl silane (APS) film have been investigated using in situ infrared (IR) absorption spectroscopy. Preannealing to approximately 70 degrees C produces significant improvements in the quality of the film: the APS(More)
We utilize a recently developed optical imaging method based on Fourier processing with Gabor-like filters to detect changes in light scattering resulting from alterations in mitochondrial structure in endothelial cells undergoing apoptosis. Imaging based on Gabor filters shows a significant decrease in the orientation of subcellular organelles at 60 to 100(More)
We demonstrate an optical Fourier filtering method which can be used to characterize subcellular morphology during dynamic cellular function. In this paper, our Fourier filters were based on two-dimensional Gabor elementary functions, which can be tuned to sense directly object size and orientation. We utilize this method to quantify changes in(More)
We combine optical scatter imaging (OSI) with fluorescence imaging of mitochondria to investigate the spatial relationship between the optical scatter signal and the location and structure of mitochondria within endothelial cells undergoing apoptosis. The OSI data corroborate our previous results showing a decrease in the intensity ratio of wide-to-narrow(More)
Fundamental biological processes, such as cell death, involve time-dependent dynamic alterations in the morphology and organization of organelles. Since organelles are at the limit of optical image resolution, electron microscopy (EM) remains the method of choice to assess subcellular structure. However, sample fixation precludes analysis of time dependent(More)
We demonstrate an optical Fourier processing method to quantify object texture arising from subcellular feature orientation within unstained living cells. Using a digital micromirror device as a Fourier spatial filter, we measured cellular responses to two-dimensional optical Gabor-like filters optimized to sense orientation of nonspherical particles, such(More)
We demonstrate a microscopic instrument that can measure subcellular texture arising from organelle morphology and organization within unstained living cells. The proposed instrument extends the sensitivity of label-free optical microscopy to nanoscale changes in organelle size and shape and can be used to accelerate the study of the structure-function(More)
We use optical Gabor-like filtering implemented with a digital micromirror device to achieve nanoscale sensitivity to changes in the size of finite and periodic objects imaged at low resolution. The method consists of applying an optical Fourier filter bank consisting of Gabor-like filters of varying periods and extracting the optimum filter period that(More)
We had developed Optical Scatter Imaging (OSI) as a method which combines light scattering spectroscopy with microscopic imaging to probe local particle size in situ. Using a variable diameter iris as a Fourier spatial filter, the technique consisted of collecting images that encoded the intensity ratio of wide-to-narrow angle scatter at each pixel in the(More)
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