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We are presenting a new speech waveform inventory based approach for the denoising of speech. The method combines an inventory style parametric description of speech signals with a statistical analysis of the underlying parameter space in clean and noisy conditions. Sufficient parameter statistics for successful denoising can be learned from around 40(More)
We are presenting a method for the enhancement of speech in speaker dedicated speech communication systems. The proposed procedure is fundamentally different from most state-of-the-art filtering approaches. Instead of filtering a distorted signal we are re-synthesizing a new " clean " signal based on its likely characteristics. These characteristics are(More)
In this paper we are presenting a method that provides a dramatic reduction in memory requirement and computational complexity for an inventory-style speech enhancement scheme with only a small impact on the perceptual quality of the output of the system. Inventory-style or corpus-based speech enhancement generally attempts to generate a clean speech signal(More)
We present a new method for inventory-style speech enhancement that significantly improves over earlier approaches [1]. Inventory-style enhancement attempts to resynthesize a clean speech signal from a noisy signal via corpus-based speech synthesis. The advantage of such an approach is that one is not bound to trade noise suppression against signal(More)