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Although the last decade has seen the implementation of a very large number of compilers for every conceivable language, the literature on compiler writing is still unorganized. There are many papers on formal languages, syntactic analysis, graph theoretic register assignment, and similar topics to be sure. But, they are not very useful in helping the(More)
2 The present report is available from: Scientific Affairs Division NATO Brussels 39 Belgium Note for the current edition: The version of this report that you are reading was prepared by scanning the original edition, conversion to text through OCR, and then reformatting. Every effort has been made to do this as accurately as possible. However, it is almost(More)
arithmetic statement function may be either arithmetic in any real mode or Boolean. The list of quantities to be transmitted may be, in any input/output statement with which it is associated, as described in [2, pp. 37-38]. In the list several mode indicators may appear, each of which may be introduced before any list element and also before any variable(More)
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