Robert M Lohse

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INTRODUCTION In ICU the need for acute renal replacement therapy (RRT) associates with high mortality and risk of end-stage renal disease (ESRD), but there are limited long-term data. We investigated these outcomes and their risk factors. METHODS Retrospective analysis of all adult patients admitted to a general, university hospital ICU 2005-2012,(More)
Of 117 formers of relapsing calcium oxalate calculi 75.2% showed a hyperuricaemia, 64.1% a hyperlipoproteinaemia, 19.7% a diabetes mellitus, 44.4% a hypertension, 11% a hyperuricuria (greater than 1.0 g/a day) and 7.5% a hypercalciuria. In 30 formers of relapsing uric acid calculi we could establish a hyperuricaemia in 93.3%, a hyperlipoproteinaemia in(More)
Pre-harvest reduction of Salmonella carriage by swine would benefit both animal health and food quality. While vaccination is an attractive pre-harvest intervention to reduce Salmonella levels in swine, the large number of potential Salmonella enterica serovars found in swine makes it critical that vaccines provide broad serotype efficacy. In order to(More)
  • R Lohse
  • 1977
It is reported on 1,790 medical check-ups concerning cancer of the prostate gland. We found 8 carcinomata = 4.47%. Apart from this 16 adenomata to be operated with adequate disturbances of the micturition were established. The documentation of the findings of medical check-ups by means of a reference on the basis of perforated cards is described and it is(More)