Robert M. Lees

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The quantum solid para-hydrogen (p-H2) has recently proven useful in matrix isolation spectroscopy. Spectral lines of compounds embedded in this host are unusually narrow, and several species have been reported to rotate in p-H2. We found that a p-H2 matrix inhibits rotation of isolated methanol (CH3OH) but still allows internal rotation about the C-O bond,(More)
The fluency of the stutterer is discussed in terms of how this has contributed to information on stuttering, measurement of efficacy of therapy and possible therapeutic implications. Much research on physiological aspects of stuttering has relied on analysis of fluent tokens and the validity of this is questioned. Use of largely perceptual measures of the(More)
Autophagy is an important stress response pathway responsible for the removal and recycling of damaged or redundant cytosolic constituents. Mitochondrial damage triggers selective mitochondrial autophagy (mitophagy), mediated by a variety of response factors including the Pink1/Parkin system. Using human retinal pigment epithelial cells stably expressing(More)
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