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Banana bunchy top virus (BBTV) genomic ssDNA is capable of complementary strand synthesis in vitro without the addition of exogenous primers. We have demonstrated that the self-priming of BBTV can be attributed to a population of endogenous primers which are bound to the genomic DNA within the virions. The primer molecules appeared to be composed entirely(More)
Banana bunchy top nanovirus has a multicomponent, circular single-stranded DNA genome comprising at least six integral components, BBTV DNA-1 to -6, which have been consistently associated with bunchy top disease worldwide. At least three other components, BBTV S1, S2 and Y, which have been isolated from Taiwanese BBTV isolates, do not appear to be integral(More)
The complete genome of an Australian isolate of zantedeschia mild mosaic virus (ZaMMV) causing mosaic symptoms on Alocasia sp. (designated ZaMMV-AU) was cloned and sequenced. The genome comprises 9942 nucleotides (excluding the poly-A tail) and encodes a polyprotein of 3167 amino acids. The sequence is most closely related to a previously reported ZaMMV(More)
We report the first genome sequence of a Colocasia bobone disease-associated virus (CBDaV) derived from bobone-affected taro [Colocasia esculenta L. Schott] from Solomon Islands. The negative-strand RNA genome is 12,193 nt long, with six major open reading frames (ORFs) with the arrangement 3′-N-P-P3-M-G-L-5′. Typical of all rhabdoviruses, the 3′ leader and(More)
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