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This study was designed to test the Fundamental Difference Hypothesis (Bley-Vroman, 1988), which states that, whereas children are known to learn language almost completely through (implicit) domain specific mechanisms, adults have largely lost the ability to learn a language without reflecting on its structure and have to use alternative mechanisms,(More)
Protein changes induced by salinity stress were investigated in the roots of the salt-sensitive rice cultivar Taichung native 1. We found eight proteins to be induced and obtained partial sequences of one with a molecular mass of 15 kilodaltons and an isoelectric point of 5.5. Using an oligonucleotide probe based on this information, a cDNA clone, salT, was(More)
Practice in a Second Language provides a comprehensive overview of the state of the research on practice in second or foreign language learning. To clarify, it is not the practice of second language teaching that is being discussed here, nor is practice treated as the flip side of theory. Practice comes into focus as a collective name for activities that(More)
After presenting some of the main arguments against certain narrow concepts of second language practice, this article argues that a broader concept of practice, still focused on form or even forms, but with due attention to form-meaning links and with appropriate sequencing of activities to ensure declarative knowledge first, followed by its(More)
Shannon C (1950) Programming a computer for playing chess. Nau D (1999) AI game-playing techniques: are they useful for anything other than games? AI Magazine 20(1): 117±118. Second language acquisition (SLA) involves the development of the knowledge of a complex system of sound, word, sentence structure, and meaning of any non-native language by children(More)
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