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On the LambertW function
A new discussion of the complex branches of W, an asymptotic expansion valid for all branches, an efficient numerical procedure for evaluating the function to arbitrary precision, and a method for the symbolic integration of expressions containing W are presented.
The singular value decomposition for polynomial systems
This paper introduces singular value decomposition (SVD) algorithms for some standard polynomial computations, in the case where the coecients are inexact or imperfectly known. We first give an
Linearization of matrix polynomials expressed in polynomial bases
This paper concerns regular matrix polynomials P(λ) when represented in various polynomial bases (other than the monomials 1, λ, λ 2 ,...). As in the monomial case, matrices of 'companion' form play
Some applications of the Lambert W  function to physics
Two standard physics problems are solved in terms of the Lambert W  function, to show the applicability of this recently defined function to physics. Other applications of the function are cited, but
A Graduate Introduction to Numerical Methods: From the Viewpoint of Backward Error Analysis
This book provides an extensive introduction to numerical computing from the viewpoint of backward error analysis and condition as well as some Matlab codes provided online as supplementary material.
A reordered Schur factorization method for zero-dimensional polynomial systems with multiple roots
The technique of solving systems of multivariate polynomial equations via rigenproblems has become a topic of active research (with applications in computer-aided design and {untrul theory, for
Approximate and real trajectories for generic dynamical systems
Abstract In this paper we show that generic dynamical systems have a weak shadowing property, namely that for a generic dynamical system φ, in the space of discrete continuous dynamical systems on a
Advances in Computational Mathematics
Advances in Computational Mathematics publishes high quality, accessible and original articles at the forefront of computational and applied mathematics, with a clear potential for impact across the