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Nebula is a proposal for a Future Internet Architecture. It is based on the assumptions that: (1) cloud computing will comprise an increasing fraction of the application workload offered to an Internet, and (2) that access to cloud computing resources will demand new architectural features from a network. Features that we have identified include(More)
When an application connects with a remote peer using TCP, its network stack encapsulates the state of that connection. As a consequence, even if the application is capable of recovering its own state after failure (for example , by restarting at a backup location), the peer may experience a disruption of connectivity due to the loss of the network stack's(More)
T he stunning shift toward cloud computing has created new pressures on the Internet. Loads are soaring, and many applications increasingly depend on real-time data streaming. Unfortunately, the reliability of Inter-net data streaming leaves much to be desired. monitors Internet health using all-to-all con-nectivity and throughput tests between hundred of(More)
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