Robert M. Barnhart

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As healthcare enters the age of technology and Internet access, new challenges emerge, particularly with respect to the protection of patient privacy and the protection of highly sensitive and life-critical information. By bringing state-of-the-art security technology to the healthcare domain, PCASSO is setting a new standard in healthcare protection and(More)
The need for security protection in Internet-based healthcare applications is generally acknowledged. Most healthcare applications that use the Internet have at least implemented some kind of encryption. Most applications also enforce user authentication and access control policies, and many audit user actions. However, most fall short on providing strong(More)
Six children, three with cerebral palsy and three with myelomeningocele, participated in a progressive, 8-week, circuit muscular strength training program. The program was designed to improve wheelchair propulsion, an important functional outcome. Subjects performed three sets of six-repetition maximum (6-RM) upper body strength exercises, three times a(More)
Bivariate correlations between muscular endurance or resistance used during six-repetition maximum (6-RM) for eight upper body exercises (shoulder flexion, extension, abduction, internal and external rotation, elbow flexion, extension and shoulder flexion/elbow extension (bench press), 50-meter dash, and 12-minute wheelchair propulsion tests were examined(More)
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