Robert M. Barker

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End user computing (EUC) has been studied from the standpoint of classification and management, less attention has been placed on how the utilization of the technology impacts on users jobs. This study proposes that differing levels of EUC activity will be associated with differing levels of job characteristics and computer related job outcomes. The study(More)
Metrology, the science of measurement, involves the determination of physical quantities from experiment, along with estimates of their associated uncertainties. In this endeavour, a mathematical model of the measurement system is required in order to extract information from the experimental data. For the measurements to be reliable, these models must be(More)
The structure of phonological processing for typically developing children has been debated over the past two decades. Recent research has indicated that phonological processing is best explained by a single underlying phonological ability (e.g., Anthony and Lonigan, 2004). The current study had two goals. The first goal was to determine the structure of(More)
This guide describes best practice in the use of the internet for metrology services, including calibration. It is based on the experience of NPL in developing and running a number of calibration services over the internet and on reports of other organisations that have had projects involving metrology and the internet. The guide also builds on guidance(More)
This guide gives best practice on the use of applications implemented as spreadsheets, so that they may be properly validated. It takes the approach that development and testing of spreadsheet applications should be founded on proper software engineering principles, bearing in mind that spreadsheets have aspects that are not found in normal software(More)
Many mathematical and statistical problems that arise in metrology can be posed in such a way that they possess a unique correct solution. However, algorithms in standards or software libraries, such as METROS, may only provide an approximate solution or the solution to a nearby problem. An approximate or nearby problem is often introduced so as to give a(More)
Little is known about the relationships between phonological processing, language, and reading in children with intellectual disability (ID). We examined the structure of phonological processing in 294 school-age children with mild ID and the relationships between its components and expressive and receptive language and reading skills using structural(More)
Since their inception, the SSfM programmes have worked on testing of software used in metrology: developing methodologies and applying them to testing our own software and testing packages used in processing measurement data. The success of the testing methodologies is shown by the errors that have been found in widely-used packages, errors that we have(More)