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Twenty-eight giant-cell tumors of the bones of the hands of 21 patients were reviewed. There were 14 lesions in the phalanges, 12 in the metacarpals, and two in the carpal bones. Giant-cell tumor of bones develop at a younger age, have a shorter duration of symptoms, and recur more rapidly when they occur in the hand than when they occur in other locations.(More)
— A microprocessor implementing IBM S/390 architecture operates in a 10 + 2 way system at frequencies up to 411 MHz (2.43 ns). The chip is fabricated in a 0.2-m L e CMOS technology with five layers of metal and tungsten local interconnect. The chip size is 17.35 mm 2 17.30 mm with about 7.8 million transistors. The power supply is 2.5 V and measured power(More)
The IBM POWER6e microprocessor is a 790 million-transistor chip that runs at a clock frequency of greater than 4 GHz. The complexity and size of the POWER6 microprocessor, together with its high operating frequency, present a number of significant challenges. This paper describes the physical design and design methodology of the POWER6 processor. Emphasis(More)
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