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— A microprocessor implementing IBM S/390 architecture operates in a 10 + 2 way system at frequencies up to 411 MHz (2.43 ns). The chip is fabricated in a 0.2-m L e CMOS technology with five layers of metal and tungsten local interconnect. The chip size is 17.35 mm 2 17.30 mm with about 7.8 million transistors. The power supply is 2.5 V and measured power(More)
The IBM POWER6e microprocessor is a 790 million-transistor chip that runs at a clock frequency of greater than 4 GHz. The complexity and size of the POWER6 microprocessor, together with its high operating frequency, present a number of significant challenges. This paper describes the physical design and design methodology of the POWER6 processor. Emphasis(More)
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