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As sex determines mammalian development, understanding the nature and developmental dynamics of the sexually dimorphic transcriptome is important. To explore this, we generated 76 genome-wide RNA-seq profiles from mouse eight-cell embryos, late gestation and adult livers, together with 4 ground-state pluripotent embryonic (ES) cell lines from which we(More)
Fetal growth is determined by the feto-placental genome interacting with the maternal in utero environment. Failure of this interplay leads to poor placental development and fetal growth restriction (FGR), which is associated with future metabolic disease. We investigated whether whole genome methylation differences existed in umbilical cord blood and(More)
This paper presents a biologically constrained reward prediction model capable of learning cue-outcome associations involving temporally distant stimuli without using the commonly used temporal difference model. The model incorporates a novel use of an adapted echo state network to substitute the biologically implausible delay chains usually used, in(More)
— Starting from the situated and embodied perspective on the study of biological cognition as a source of inspiration , this paper programmatically outlines a path towards an experimental exploration of the cognitive role of the body in artificial agents. Biological cognition is here conceived and synthetically analyzed as a broadly extended and distributed(More)
Technology Mini-Conference for helpful comments. The authors also thank the attorneys at various pharmaceutical and law firms for providing their insights and experiences in interviews as well as Romel Mostafa for research assistance. All remaining errors are the responsibility of the authors. Authors' names are listed alphabetically. Abstract Considerable(More)
This review presents our 10-year experience with children diagnosed with Sjögren's syndrome (SS). Patients between the ages of 9 and 17 years had abnormalities in laboratory values consistent with but not entirely diagnostic of those required to diagnose SS in adults. The spectrum of clinical manifestations suggests that the SS clinical phenotype in(More)
Fibromuscular dysplasia (FMD) involving the coronary arteries has been described pathologically as a cause of myocardial infarction but has not been described antemortem. Unlike renal artery FMD, its clinical manifestations remain poorly characterized. We describe demographic, clinical, and coronary angiographic characteristics of seven women with acute(More)